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We leverage our SEO expertise to design highly successful PPC and Display Advertising Campaigns

Display Advertising: Grow Brand Awareness

The biggest challenge a new business faces is making first contact with new customers.

Filling the top of the funnel can be extremely challenging in a world that has so much noise online. Many brands simply get drowned out in all the chatter.

Display Advertising (DSP) is the perfect cost effective solution to cross the barrier of unfamiliarity and introduce yourself online.

SERPCOM specializes in highly transparent and extremely effective display advertising campaigns.

Targeted Marketing and Behavioral Targeting

We love display advertising because we love strategy.

display advertisting: woman looking at her phoneIn the same way SERPCOM uses research and data science to highly tune websites, we use research and data science to power our intricate campaign planning.

Using a targeted display campaign we help advertisers identify and strategically connect with customers who are likely to purchase their services within a limited period of time.

We offer the most strategic and targeted advertising possibilities available.

  • We map out the mindset and search patterns for your target audience.
  • We pick locations, online properties and schedules that display your ads only when your target customers are there.
  • We craft ads and landing pages that speak to your customer’s heart and drive action.

Using advances in tracking and targeting capabilities, we can go after specific job titles, within specific businesses, within specific buildings.

We only target focused demographic criteria which allows us to stretch advertising dollars and find customers that are very likely to convert.


Geographic targeting allows us to focus your advertisements in a region, state, town, neighborhood or even a 10 house cluster on a specific street.


Sometimes you simply know that the people you want to do business with frequent a certain area. Imagine being able to draw an invisible fence around that location so as people enter its boundary you can start talking to them.

That’s the magic of geo-fencing. Using a web of sophisticated location detection systems we are able to serve your advertisements to customers as they wander into your hot zone.

Demographic Targeting

Demographic targeting allows us to show your ads to a certain type of online user. We can screen by age, interest, sex, education, income, and any other knowable criteria.

Behavioral Targeting

Behavioral targeting allows us to show your ads to people that have taken specific actions on your site or other sites. It allows you to select the most appropriate display advertisement and show it to a user who has indicated their receptiveness through the actions that they have taken.

IP Targeting

An IP address is like a phone number for an online location. Using IP targeting we can show your ads to a very specific user at a specific location within an entire building full of computers. We can target a house or a business or even a specific device within that location.

Site Targeting

With site targeting, you can discover an audience through online properties that you believe your audience will frequent. Using available demographic and social information we can help you select a portfolio of websites that cater to your future customers.

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