Digital advertising has become far and away the dominant force in the marketing world today, with 616 billion dollars spent on digital ads in 2022 alone.1 Digital advertising is a crowded arena, meaning that a run-of-the-mill marketing campaign or advertising campaign isn’t going to cut it anymore.

To develop a successful digital marketing strategy that boosts brand awareness, drives conversions, and increases revenue growth, brands need to rely on the expertise and tools supplied by today’s best digital marketing agencies.

Specializing in search engine optimization (SEO service), content marketing, content creation, email marketing, website optimization, targeting, and more, top digital marketing agencies and digital marketing service providers work with brands across industries, tailoring solutions to various digital strategy goals, budgets, and needs.

#1 Power Digital

  • Specialty: Power Digital is a digital marketing service agency known for creating customized, intelligent digital marketing strategies that maximize efficiency and effectiveness, using their proprietary data analysis technology platform, Nova.
  • Industries: E-commerce, SaaS, B2B, B2C, fashion, beauty, retail, and private equity.
  • Strengths: A data-driven approach, specialized teams of industry experts, and tailored digital marketing services and strategies specific to each client.
  • Pricing: Custom, scalable pricing packages that fit each client’s unique needs and goals.
  • Headquarters: San Diego, California, with offices in New York and Washington, D.C.
  • Notable Clients: Casper, Honest, Bob’s Red Mill, Berkshire Hathaway, Lord & Taylor, MyFitnessPal.

Power Digital is a top growth marketing firm and digital agency that specializes in using data to create informed, results-oriented marketing campaign strategies. The company offers full-funnel services spanning social media, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, email, PPC services/paid media, and more.

With clear communication, agile and responsive teams of industry experts assigned to each client, and a measurable impact on revenue, it’s no wonder Power Digital has a whopping 96% client retention rate. For clients looking for a full-service growth marketing agency that can capably execute every aspect of their digital marketing solution and strategy, Power Digital is the best digital marketing agency to beat.

#2 SeedX

  • Specialty: Branding, UX/UI design, app development, video production, and content creation.
  • Industries: Software/SaaS, e-commerce, consumer goods, B2B.
  • Strengths: Innovative, omnichannel marketing strategies built on clients’ unique KPIs and industries.
  • Pricing: Custom pricing packages; contact for a quote.
  • Headquarters: Austin, Texas.
  • Notable Clients: Forever21, The California Endowment, Yeezy, Harvard University, Google.

Founded in 2015, SeedX is a marketing and strategy firm that offers both digital marketing solution services and traditional marketing services. They pride themselves on being a majority woman- and minority-owned digital agency that aligns their services with their values of honesty, transparency, and integrity. They take a highly individualized, collaborative approach with clients, providing each client with an assigned project strategist to create a custom marketing plan, making them one of the best digital marketing company choices out there.

#3 Just Digital Inc.

  • Specialty: Google and Facebook ads, web design and branding, email, SEO, and social media marketing.
  • Industries: Coaches, financial advisors and CPAs, med spas.
  • Strengths: Customized marketing materials and strategies with a modern look and personalized flair for each client.
  • Pricing: Custom; contact for a quote.
  • Headquarters: Beverly Hills, California.
  • Notable Clients: BrainTap, J75 Shoes, CalAsian Chamber of Commerce, Drip MediSpa, Strategic Employment Partners.

Just Digital takes a warm approach to the client-agency relationship, which is why they’re one of, if not, the best digital markteting agency choice if you’re a small business. Their team is small but adaptable, working closely with each client to create a customized digital strategy. For small businesses that need a creative and custom website design, paid ad management, or even troubleshooting for a technical problem in their current digital marketing efforts, Just Digital is an approachable, easy-to-work-with agency.

#4 Canesta

  • Specialty: Web design, branding and packaging design, SEO, PPC, and email marketing and automations.
  • Industries: E-commerce, financial, health and wellness, medical, real estate, food.
  • Strengths: Design of all kinds, from aesthetically pleasing mobile-optimized websites to clean and modern corporate branding.
  • Pricing: Custom pricing; contact for a quote.
  • Headquarters: Los Angeles, California, with offices in Seattle and Bulgaria.
  • Notable Clients: Michel Germain Parfums, Qure Water, Botanicam, DexShell, Revir.

Canesta is a digital marketing agency that uses data science, analytics, and careful monitoring of key metrics to spur growth and identify new revenue streams for their clients. They focus on building enduring partnerships by providing responsive customer support, regular progress reports, and measurable value.

#5 Sachs Marketing Group

  • Specialty: Social media marketing, SEO and web presence development with custom website designs and optimizations.
  • Industries: Hospitality, education, brick-and-mortar retail, technology.
  • Strengths: SEO, social media development, website design and development, Google Ads management.
  • Pricing: Scalable, flat-fee pricing packages that let clients start small and build as they grow.
  • Headquarters: Los Angeles, California.
  • Notable Clients: Diamond Resorts, US Air Force, Six-K, Paradigm Treatment Centers, California Aeronautical University.

Sachs Marketing Group is a full-service agency with a dedicated marketing team that performs all client work in-house. This means clients can rely on consistent quality. They excel in creating up-to-date, responsive websites that enhance their clients’ online presence, build organic traffic, streamline the customer journey, and increase conversions.

#6 NoGood

  • Specialty: Creative content, SMS, and video marketing.
  • Industries: SaaS, B2B, consumer, healthcare, fintech, cryptocurrency, startups.
  • Strengths: Best for companies looking to optimize their customer journey from top to bottom to build long-term growth.
  • Pricing: Customized pricing based on the client’s needs; contact for a quote.
  • Headquarters: New York, with offices in Los Angeles and Miami.
  • Notable Clients: Invisibly, ByteDance, Rivet, unspun, Zepp Clarity.

NoGood is an award-winning full-funnel agency that takes a scientific approach to driving growth with measurable outcomes. They help their clients grow by targeting a niche, formulating a strategic plan and brand story, and then testing the outcomes and refining the approach, resulting in a blend of data-driven insights and creative ingenuity.

#7 Obility B2B

  • Specialty: Paid search and display ads, SEO, paid social, revenue operations, content strategy and creation.
  • Industries: B2B, technology, SaaS.
  • Strengths: Harnessing data to make informed marketing decisions, using information like past campaign performance, competitive intelligence, KPIs, and keywords.
  • Pricing: Flexible pricing dependent on project scope, starting at about $5,000 a month.
  • Headquarters: Portland, Oregon, with offices in Boston, Massachusetts and Austin, Texas.
  • Notable Clients: AutoDesk, Fastly, Hitachi Vantara, Moz, Snowflake.

Founded in 2011, Obility is a digital marketing agency that works exclusively with B2B clients in the technology and SaaS spaces. They focus on scaling digital marketing plans and tracking revenue growth attributable to marketing efforts. In doing this, they can more accurately determine each client’s most effective channels in order to maximize ROI.

#8 Law Rank

  • Specialty: Helping legal firms optimize their SEO to rank on the first page of Google for their targeted geographic area.
  • Industries: Works exclusively with legal firms.
  • Strengths: Highly specialized knowledge of SEO challenges for attorneys and legal firms.
  • Pricing: Pricing varies; LawRank analyzes each project and provides a custom quote.
  • Headquarters: San Diego, California
  • Notable Clients: Shaked Law; Mirman, Markovitz, & Landau; Rosen Injury Lawyers; Berenji and Associates.

LawRank builds custom digital marketing packages for clients in the highly-competitive legal field. They use proven strategies such as targeted, reputable link building via media mentions and legal directories, locally-focused SEO, and website optimization to help law firms boost traffic and conversions.

#9 Investis Digital

  • Specialty: Working with well-established global brands to provide services ranging from recruitment to intranet development, corporate communications, and full-service digital marketing.
  • Industries: Technology, finance, hospitality, consumer products, education.
  • Strengths: Strategy and consulting, content and creative, website development, virtual event management.
  • Pricing: Cost varies depending on the scope, size, timing, and complexity of each campaign.
  • Headquarters: London, with offices in New York, Phoenix, Dublin, Edinburgh, Gothenburg, Helsinki, and India.
  • Notable Clients: Wyndham, Charlotte’s Web, Pearson, Annaly, Bracknell Forest Council, Vodafone, Russell Athletic.

Investis Digital is an award-winning full-service performance marketing agency with a worldwide presence. They’ve worked with well-known brands in a variety of industries, providing strategy and consulting, global digital marketing, content development, and technology solutions.

#10 Umbrella

  • Specialty: Shaping marketing strategies around memorable, customized visual content. Developing strong brand identities for up-and-coming businesses or established companies looking to rebrand.
  • Industries: Tech startups, fashion, beauty, e-commerce.
  • Strengths: Creating memorable, cohesive visual branding and digital marketing content with a clean modern edge.
  • Pricing: Customized depending on services; contact for a quote.
  • Headquarters: Los Angeles, California
  • Notable Clients: The Peninsula Beverly Hills, Ragdoll LA, Hyperloop TT, August & June, Tossware.

Umbrella has a strong focus on crisp, clean aesthetics, making the company ideal for trendy brands looking to make a splash on social media platforms. They specialize in content creation built around custom video, photography, and graphic design made by their in-house team of creatives.

Harness digital marketing expertise with Power Digital: A growth marketing firm

In a world flooded with digital marketing, a digital marketing agency can serve as the guiding light that helps your business find its way to higher ground. While every SEO company, TikTok agency, or Amazon agency brings unique strengths to the table, Power Digital, a top growth marketing firm, shines above the rest.

The team at Power Digital will work with you to develop a comprehensive understanding of your business, your customer, your challenges, and your goals to create an informed strategy with clear deliverables that produce real results.

Contact Power Digital today to find a new direction for your digital marketing strategy—one built on a solid footing of experience, market data, and creative vision. The digital landscape may be vast, but you can trust Power Digital to steer you right.



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